About my work

I am an artist who observes and responds to my surroundings for inspiration. My primary artistic medium is handwoven tapestry, an ancient method of working with fibers to create images. As I seek images and ideas to interpret into tapestry I experience my surroundings as closely as I can. Photographs, sketches, paintings, and writings all are part of the research I put into my work.

I have been living in the southern Appalachian mountains for most of my life and my surroundings are filled with the natural forms of woods, streams, and fields. My eyes are frequently drawn to the myriad details of the landscape and many of my tapestries are based on aspects of those details, simplified and enlarged in a weaving.





 Here’s a link to Vivian Liddell’s podcast, Peachy Keen. Vivian and I had a conversation for Episode 20: “Tommye McClure Scanlin—on Teaching, Learning & Tapestry,” November 19, 2018.

More of my tapestries may be seen at the Southern Highland Craft Guild member page at this link. 

A short video of my tapestry weaving process is at this link.